Property Care

     In this industry the reviews published online are permanent and they are paramount to our success. For the past three years, Athena Vaca has consistently received high scores on both platforms and we have received numerous super host awards. It is necessary for us to maintain your property in tip-top condition in order for us to maintain our excellent reputation. Therefore, you can count on us to take good care of your property.

     Though we rarely experience quest related damages beyond a broken chair leg, scuff marks on the walls or stained sheets, we do a careful inspection after every check-out. Guests are required to give their ID and credit card information when they book. Our possession of this information is a deterrent against the occurrence of signification property damage. In the event that something does happen, airbnb requires that we submit proof in the form of photographs and written statements.

     In all our years, the most expensive damage we have ever had are multiple stained sheets and towels. We can honestly say that you have nothing to worry about in this regard. Your property is better off in our hands than in the hands of a tenant.