Management Service

     After agreeing on terms, we will immediately prepare your home for photography. This expense is completely covered by Athena Vaca. The preparation of your home may include cleaning, fresh laundry, dinner table set-up, fresh flowers, new artwork, and sometimes models are used.

     With new photos we are ready to create listings for your properties on both airbnb and booking.com. From the first day we receive your keys it usually takes less than a week to begin renting your home.

     The process of short-term rentals requires messaging with guests as well as meeting guests and charging credit cards. Our friendly management team consistently scores high in these categories because we answer all questions and concerns of our customers in a timely and sensible manner.

     As soon as a check-out occurs, we begin the process of cleaning the entire home. Freshly laundered sheets and towels are provided for each booking. We also replace soaps and toiletries which are included in our service fee.