Athena Vaca is streamlined so that all payments occur between banks. Our guest payments are disbursed to our company account via IBAN. In the same manner we send payments to our clients once per month between the 1st and 5th day. A detailed invoice statement that includes all Taxis required information is sent to your email.

     Our company has two service options for properties that earn less than 150 euros per night. The first service option includes the monthly duty of updating your Taxis account with all the required short-term rental data. This complete service is calculated as a 20% - 25% + 20 euros for accounting.per month. If you choose to use your own accountant to do the uploading of data on Taxis, our fee is 20% - 25% . There are no additional taxes or surprise fees that we will charge you. Our VAT is already priced into the fees stated here.

     The 20% - 25% service fee is the price we charge for the following work: marketing your property, communicating with guests, credit card service fees, meeting the guests, regulating property care, calling technicians, managing the calendars and many more small tasks and problems that occur.

     Utilities are paid for by the owner. We can recommend ways to help you lower your utilities costs.