Legal Support

   We offer a complete accounting service, or you can use your own accountant. Information on accounting requirements is given to all clients.

Management Service

- Preparation of your home for marketing on airbnb and booking.com.
- Creation of listings on airbnb and booking.com.
- Professional cleaning and upkeep.
- Greeting guests and all other hosting responsibilities.

Property Care

   In this industry reviews are paramount to success. Our company has consistently received high ratings from our quests. It is necessary for us to maintain your property in tip top condition in order for us to continuously keep our excellent reputation online.


   Payments from guests are collected and distributed to our clients once per month sometime between the 3rd and 5th day of each month via IBAN protocol. A detailed invoice that includes information on every booking is sent to your email or mailed to your address.

About Us

Athena Vaca employs the use of the top two short-term rental websites in the world, namely, Airbnb and Booking.com. Most management companies do not use both rental websites. We find that using two sites produces more bookings at better prices than just one website alone.
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Athena Vaca is the culmination of years of experience. My management team consists of articulate and caring people who take pride in their work.

Good Business

We believe that good business is business that is done correctly, 100% of the time. Only this way can we continue to grow a strong foundation in the tourism industry.

Athena Vaca is a flexible vacation home management service with many advantages. Call us to schedule a meeting to discuss the potential for your home: +30 698 884 8833

Service Features

Professional Laundry Service

We offer laundry services for homeowners and AIRBNB hosts. Pick up and delivery included.

All Inclusive

We handle everything from start to finish: advertising, renting, hosting, cleaning, laundry and finances.


Athena Vaca utilizes the two largest short term rental platfomrs, AIRBNB and BOOKING.COM